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❶Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Our dissertation editing goes above and beyond the basics of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, etc.

Dissertation Editing and Proofreading

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Providers of premium dissertation editing services usually hire people that understand and implement these perspectives. In most cases, it is a very wrong idea if your main objective is to get thesis or dissertation that is too cheap, rushed to conclude, and basic. This will leave you vulnerable to failing your courses or even to scams. Spending a reasonable amount of money to hire a trusted organization will give you the peace of mind that your project is being proofread by a pro.

There are lots of websites on the internet that hire cheap freelancers from non-English speaking countries like India, Pakistan and even China. They pay them way less than what could be paid to a native speaker, this, on the other hand, makes their service cheaper for you.

The downside of hiring this kind of company is that the project will be poorly reviewed and will result in low grades. But if the sky is your limit, then you should hire proofreaders for premium quality review and an upgrade of your dissertation at a reasonable cost.

Editing your dissertation will require language expertise as well as experience with academic work from various fields of study, and our editors are perfectly equipped for the task. We edit dissertations from diverse branches of science and technology, commerce, management, and the humanities and social sciences.

This includes fields such as engineering, medicine, law, business management, sociology, psychology and English literature, amongst others. We understand your particular requirements and area of academic inquiry. Perfect and precise referencing in a range of styles.

You can concentrate on the subject matter of your dissertation, and allow us to make sure your references are accurate and perfectly formatted. Fast, affordable, and always available to you. A single, all-inclusive fee will get you all the editing, proofreading, and formatting services your dissertation needs.

To help you meet all the deadlines in your dissertation process, our academic editing and proofreading services are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Free revision of your edited document. In the rare event that you are not completely satisfied with your edited document, we will promptly revise the document according to your requirements, for free! Your editor will also answer questions about your edited document or recheck previously edited text, for no extra charge. You will get full credit for your finely edited dissertation, with our strict confidentiality policy.

In addition, our servers use bit SSL encryption technology so that all your information and transactions are completely secure.

Our service is confidential, and you will retain full copyright control over your edited documents. We will never collect or share your information, and all your data will be encrypted using bit SSL technology. Your documents will never be stored without your permission. Rebecca always enjoyed helping friends with their writing projects while at university. After graduating in English literature, she was happy to turn this penchant into her profession! She gained extensive experience as an academic editor — working on journal articles, PhD theses, postgraduate dissertations, and more, from diverse academic domains — before naturally progressing to the role of Senior Editor.

She loves helping students fully develop their ideas and present strong arguments, using clear and effective language. Fascinated by language, Meg studied its incredible power through her graduate and post-graduate studies in English literature. She worked as an Academic Editor and then as a Senior Editor, before being promoted to the role of Editorial Co-ordinator. Meg loves her challenging job, although she sometimes misses editing research papers!

In her free time, Meg learns and performs classical piano. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and the Founder of PaperTrue. His vision is to make impeccable English communication possible for everybody, so they can write effectively and gain the academic and professional success they deserve. Although Mike manages diverse aspects of the business, including Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Legal, he sees himself as essentially a "Sales guy". He balances a laissez-faire management style with an unflinching commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In the little time that Mike is not working towards making PaperTrue a giant in the editing industry, he enjoys meditating and piloting small Cessna aircraft. Aster graduated in computer engineering, but later chose to build a career doing what she had always wanted: Then estimate how many hours you may have spent on consultations and research. You may also want to consider how this is going to affect the friendship. Charge per hour Jul 26 Sheila Wilson wrote: Jul 26 I did the same type of work for someone and charged by the hour.

We had an agreement in place, however, so she was aware of how much time I was spending on each task and how much the charge would be.

I was sending her an invoice on a monthly basis. She was actually not my friend at the time but became one by the end of the project. I think the confusing thing about your situation is that you are asking what to charge now a year after you finished the work.

Has this individual said that he is interested in paying you for this work? Or is this going to be a surprise to him? Did he have any expectations that the work was going to be for free? Finally, are you able to make a fair and accurate assessment of the time you spent on this project? This seems like a very delicate situation, unless he has recently told you to provide a figure with the intention of paying you.

Jul 26 TariqSh wrote: So, how much do you suggest I charge per hour for this work? Not a favor Jul 26 Sheila Wilson wrote: He asked for a figure Jul 26 Amel Abdullah wrote: I did the same type of work for someone and charged by the hour. Now you have an amount and a quantifiable, justifiable way of calculating the worth of your work.

For the parts you proofread, I would suggest taking the number of words and dividing by the number of words you usually manage to proofread in an hour.

On the reading, researching and advisory aspects Jul 27 Any research project involves a lot of hard work that is invisible. The time spent researching ideas, tracking down sources and deciding how to exploit what you find is never-ending. It can also be soul-destroying as much of the time spent will produce information that you may not use anyway.

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If you choose to hire Cambridge to review and improve your dissertation or thesis, you are not simply purchasing a basic online proofreading service; you are making an investment in your education and the result of your degree or doctorate. Our previous clients will attest to this.

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A single, all-inclusive fee will get you all the editing, proofreading, and formatting services your dissertation needs. To help you meet all the deadlines in your dissertation process, our academic editing and proofreading services are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week/10().

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Basically, professional dissertation and thesis proofreading is a significant step that should be taken before the whole written work is submitted for review. The deadline to complete your dissertation paper is quickly approaching? Our thesis proofreading services can be utilized to satisfy your dissertation editing needs quickly, and efficiently. TariqSh wrote: My question is how do you go about calculating the service fees for such work given the fact that it involved translation, editing, proofreading, searching, consultancy and rewriting.

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When you select our Proofreading & Editing service, an editor will fix the language and consistency errors in your thesis, paper and essay. Y ou’ll receive a personalized improvement letter designed to help you recognize and correct your most frequent mistakes/10(). Prevent careless mistakes and improve your academic writing with our dissertation editing services. Our editors improve your academic tone, punctuation, verb tenses, grammar and more. Over 25, students served. Dissertation editing service rated //10().