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❶Below them ranked farmers including fisherman , and then artisans, with merchants and shopkeepers at the bottom.

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Other major cities include Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo. Some of the most well-known companies in the world are Japanese: The population of Japan is over million. Life expectancy in Japan is 84 years, the second-highest in the world. The main two religions in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism. Japanese traditional dress, for men and women, is the kimono. Kimonos are made from silk, have long sleeves, fall to the ankle and are tied with a special belt called an obi.

The Japanese landscape has lots of volcanoes and hot springs and experiences many earthquakes and tsunamis. The national flag of Japan is a white rectangular flag with a large red disc representing the sun in the centre. One of the most famous Japanese dishes is sushi, pieces of raw fish and seafood placed on a ball of vinegared rice. Fugu , pufferfish, is a great delicacy but must be prepared by experts as it can be poisonous to eat! Cleanliness and order are very important to Japanese people.

Ritual bathing and removing shoes inside are still practised, and Japanese toilets are electrically powered and have up to 15 different buttons performing different cleansing functions! Japan has a small land mass for the number of people who live in the country , so most people live in very small apartments in blocks of flats.

There are even tiered car parks in cities. Tea is as important to Japanese people as it is to British people. In tea ceremonies people drink green matcha tea while sitting and holding their cup in the traditional way. In traditional Japanese hotels, ryokan , people sleep on futons on the floor and there are paper screens separating the rooms instead of walls. There might be an onsen , a hot spring bath, where all the guests bathe together. Over 75 per cent of Japan is mountainous or hilly, and most of the population lives in huge urban areas.

The Japanese language is spoken by more than million people worldwide, with dozens of different dialects spoken within Japan. Japan has a parliamentary system of government like Britain. The Japanese do not elect a president directly.

Traditional Japanese Architecture has a distinct style deeply influenced by the religions Buddhism and Shinto. Japanese houses and temples are often made of wood that is placed on stilts to raise them above the ground. Japanese gardens are world-famous and usually contain stones, water features and bridges. In Japan it is expected that you change into slippers when entering a Japanese home, a traditional restaurant, temples, and sometimes museums and art galleries.

So if you are in Japan and you see a row of slippers, probably best to put them on! Sumo wrestling is recognised as the national sport of Japan, although the most popular sport watched in Japan is baseball.

Japan is famous for its advanced technology. One of the most important Japanese 20th-century technologies to be invented is the compact disc CD which was created jointly by Sony and Philips in the late s. Japanese people are the proud creators of hugely popular video games and toys for example, Pokemon , and first introduced the world to technological innovations like robotic pets or motion sensor devices.

Matsuri means festival in Japanese.

A Timeline of Japanese History

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The Japanese do not start writing their histories until around AD; this historical writing culminates in AD in the massive chronicles, The Record of Ancient Matters and the Chronicles of Japan.

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Japan ranks high in population density and tenth in population among the world’s countries. Its capital, Tokyo, is one of the world’s largest cities. Area , square miles (, square kilometers).

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Regions like Korea, Japan, and Vietnam were subjected to Tang traders and armies as the Tang sought territorial expansion. Korea adopted many Chinese-style reforms, like education systems, writing, and Confucianism, while Vietnam adopted far less Chinese elements, particularly in southern Vietnam. chalmers master thesis opponent Homework Help Ancient Japan essay english tutors online help on finance homework.

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History Ancient Japan (to ) According to legend, the Japanese state was founded in bc by Jimmu, the first emperor. Historical evidence shows that Japan emerged as a unified state in the 4th–5th century ad, when the chieftains of one family, the Yamato clan, became dominant. Their base was the eastern end of the Inland Sea, centered on the . Solved: What are the similarities between Ancient Japan and Ancient China? - Slader.