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What was the significance of the Bay of Pigs invasion?

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The words look stiff and out of place. The data must be preorganized in your head for it to be well-written on paper. Use books, journals, newspaper, the Internet, and talk to experts. You need to put together all the information you have and pluck a thesis from it. Cuban developers — recent arrivals in Miami — are very sought after. Gustavo, you mentioned Helms-Burton which is obviously a big regulatory hurdle.

In addition to that, what would you consider some of the greatest challenges both legal and regulatory in being able to exploit the economic potential of this partnership? There are potential impediments on the U. They realized that the only way they were going to grow economically and, frankly, survive, was by attracting foreign investment, and the amendments and enabling legislation allowed them to do that. A number of European, Canadian and Mexican firms rushed in and experienced mixed results, in part because the Cuban government has been slow to make further changes in its legal and regulatory framework in response to the needs of foreign investors.

Several years ago, in recognition of tepid economic growth and prospects, the Cuban government adopted over measures aimed at incentivizing further foreign investments and opening up the economy to private enterprise. While all of these changes are significant in that they are directionally positive toward the development of a market economy, the Cuban government has thus far taken a go-slow approach. So, while changes will have to take place on the U. S individuals and corporations, the Cuban government will have to make changes as well to facilitate investment in economically attractive sectors and to provide investors with access to a legal system that adequately protects them as all investors require in any country.

Investors want to make sure that Cuban courts will be fair in interpreting laws and contracts that are entered into between U. In addition to the step of normalizing relations between the U. Or what kind of trajectory do you see for Cuba? That is clearly the ultimate outcome. The issue is how long will it take. And how exactly is that going to happen? We know there are several ways of making a transition from a centrally planned economy to the market. In Eastern Europe, in Central Asia, China, Vietnam, in each of these cases we have seen different ways of making that transition, which is a very difficult transition.

Cuba has a number of things going its way. It was mentioned earlier that it has a highly educated population. But it is not a huge economy. It is very close to the U. I would like to add that Cuba also needs to think very carefully about two issues in the next few months. One is land ownership and real estate ownership. There have been some reforms but, technically speaking, all land in Cuba is owned by the government and it is leased out to cooperatives or to individual farmers.

The rules are very restrictive. The other area has to do with currency. Right now, Cuba has two currencies — one that is convertible at a pre-specified rate and another that is not.

This is creating a lot of distortions in the economy. It is not some colony for us to go and impose our will. Cuba has been organizing its economy in a particular way for the past years, and now we are hopefully beginning a process by which it is going to be organized eventually in a very different way. That process of transition from all points of view — the legal, the economic, the financial, the monetary, the regulatory — is going to be very complicated.

It cannot happen all at once. It cannot happen overnight. We know from previous transitions that a gradual transition — such as the ones staged in China or Vietnam — were better than those that followed the so-called shock-therapy recipes. That was the way that Russia, the Czech Republic and other countries in Eastern Europe made the transition. So there are many important decisions that need to be made in the next few months that will set Cuba, hopefully, on the right path towards making that transition.

But that transition itself will necessarily take place over a very long period of time. I wonder what lessons American businesses could learn from companies in Europe and other parts of the world that have been active in Cuba? I would say that the most important lesson to be learned is that this is a sovereign nation that has managed to run its own policy for the past 56 years. The Cuban government has reached its decision which is to begin engaging in conversations.

At this stage those conversations are the ones that are going to lead to where their interest lies and open their economy. There was a time after , the Special Period [a period of economic crisis] when a lot of countries went into Cuba very aggressively.

The Canadians and the Spanish are operating there quite successfully. Today, you still have Sol Melia that has a number of resorts and Cuba is one of their most significant markets.

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National anthem of CubaThe island of Cuba has seen many changes since being spotted by Christopher Columbus in It became known worldwide for its sugar industry but often had an unstable economy. In the s Cuba was involved in several national and international conflicts. Many of those concerned the country’s ties to the political and .

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Cuba - Language and Religion - The official language of Cuba is Spanish. There are almost no regional dialects in the country, though some Indian words have become incorporated into the language. Since the Revolution, the role of religion in Cuban society has become relatively insignificant. Improved homework resources designed to . Cuba, largest and most western island of the West fornewrip.tkt help with homework and facts, plus games and trivia an answer for Describe the conflict with Cuba in the early s. and find homework help for other History questions at eNotesOct 29, Best Answer: Cuba is a country. it is an island. it is the continent .