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The Aztecs

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The Aztecs had a reputation for being aggressive warriors. Another horrifying thing to learn is that they performed human sacrifice in order to keep the gods happy! Learning to fight was very much part of being an Aztec.

Showing bravery in battle was a great way of going up in the world and every Aztec male was trained as a warrior! The best warriors wore animal skins and feathers and headdresses to show their rank. It was going to battle so frequently that allowed the Aztecs to widen their empire and ultimately become more powerful. Although the Aztecs were fierce fighters they were also skilled people. They were very good at hunting, gathering, fishing and trading and they were clever at gaining land which they used for farming.

They gained land in battle but they also built small artificial islands in Lake Texcoco, where they had settled. Aztec art and architecture is amongst the finest ever produced in Mesoamerica.

The Aztecs were sporty. A popular game was called Ullamaliztli, which used a rubber ball. The players had to get the ball through a small stone ring without it touching the ground.

Education was of great importance to the Aztecs and it was compulsory for children to attend school though they were separated in the classroom both by gender and class. The Aztecs had a solar calendar that they used to mark the important religious festivals in the year. Each year was made up of days 18 months of 20 days plus an extra five days that the Aztecs believed to be unlucky. The Spanish arrived in and overcame the Aztecs in just two years.

They were amazed by the incredible temples, thriving markets and education and law and order sytems established by the Aztecs but horrified by the human sacrifices they perfomed. Some Aztec words are used in Mexico today and form part of the Spanish language.

Words such as chocolate, tomato and avocado have also become part of our language too! Find out more about Aztec games and have a go at playing them yourself! Design a new necklace for the Aztec goddess Xilonen with coloured pencils and crayons.

Watch video clips about Aztec warriors, how people lived in Aztec times and why the Aztecs made human sacrifices on the BBC Bitesize website.

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