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Over the past two decades I have created and refined my client intake worksheet to guide you easily, step-by-step in thinking deeply about all the aspects of your career and professional accomplishments from the perspective of the employer. The worksheet gets rave reviews from my clients, who say it helps them to get clear on focus and goals, to clarify exactly what it is that sets them apart in the workplace, and to rethink their career achievements in terms of challenges, results, and strategic impact.

Using cutting-edge, eye-catching style that is certain to grab attention, I will transform your value proposition, personal brand, and most compelling accomplishments and qualifications into a one-page, full-color, graphically enhanced value profile. This document will be incredibly valuable and useful at networking meetings and events, makes a memorable leave-behind at interviews, and is superb multimedia content for your LinkedIn profile.

We will develop or redevelop your LinkedIn profile using your newly created branded portfolio materials. I keep multiple backups of your files archived securely both onsite and offsite. If you ever lose your files for any reason, just send off a quick email and I will be more than happy to email your files to you. Once you have approved your documents as final, I will send your resume and letter to executive recruiters nationwide that match your job search criteria.

We go to great lengths to make certain that our data is of the highest quality and that the recipients of your resume are individuals who will have an interest in receiving a resume from a candidate with your qualifications.

Additionally, this service is handled with the same care and attention as all of our other services. A powerful and compelling executive resume is easily the most important piece in your marketing portfolio. Starting from a blank sheet of paper and a brainstorming session, I will develop a standout, results-generating resume developed specifically for you — to showcase your personal brand, highlight YOUR most important qualifications and achievements, and to promote you as the candidate of choice for the job you want.

Ensuring that the same personal brand and value proposition messaging is carried consistently through all your documents, I will craft your executive biography. You will find many uses for this document,such as using it to enhance online profiles, for speaking engagements, Board appointments, business plan submissions, and more. References will be requested for virtually every position for which you interview. You must be ready! Scientifically validated and extremely valuable tools for you throughout the job search and interviewing processes, you can take these two assessments online at your convenience.

In return, you will receive multi-page reports that will help you to clarify your career directions and goals, communicate your strengths in networking conversations and interviews, and pinpoint and maximize your unique value in the workplace.

Venture capital and private equity firms invest in companies and corporate divisions. They are in a unique position to either know about or be actively trying to fill open positions in these companies. In most cases, when we send your resume and letter to VC firms, we will be asking for referrals to their portfolio companies.

On the other hand, this is also an investment that will have long-term benefits. It would not be unusual for you to receive a phone call many months after we do the distribution which could be beneficial to you even if you are in a new position by then.

But more importantly, I do so in a simple, stress-free, step-by-step system that will guide you quickly, smoothly, and successfully through each phase of your job search — from the initial step of setting your job target to the final steps of negotiating multiple job offers and landing the job you want. Want to give your job search a jump-start? This day challenge is designed to help you take action in your job search. Take one action each day in each of these areas see the list below for ideas.

This challenge will reward effort, not results. Once you secure an interview, researching and preparing for the interview is important. Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing compensation often causes anxiety for both employee and employer. This guide — and worksheets — will help you with your decision. LinkedIn is the top social networking website for jobseekers.

LinkedIn has more than million registered users as of January The site adds two new members every second, and million people visit the site each month. With so many members, the rate at which your network expands on LinkedIn can be truly amazing. A hundred strategic contacts could mean access to millions of people in a short amount of time.

LinkedIn allows you to leverage the power of your network — the people you know, and the people those people know — to help you connect to a person who is in a position to offer you a job. Our page guide leads you step-by-step in everything you need to do to leverage LinkedIn for maximum benefit in your job search.

A lot of the legwork for your job search -- at least initially -- can be done online from the comfort of a safety zone. Expertise in this part of the search can be the rudder for the ship of other hours spent researching good prospects and building old-fashioned networks. This first step -- where to start digging deeper -- is critical. I work with a very select number of clients and my services are in great demand.

I absolutely love my work. I LOVE interacting with ambitious professionals, managers, executives, and emerging executives to help them achieve their career goals and land jobs that are more professionally, personally, and financially rewarding. But, my services are not for everyone. Now that the search is over; I want you to know that I have had more responses to my resume in the last 3 months than at any other time in my career. I have had multiple responses to cold call mailings.

Also the e-distribution you sent out netted me 1 phone interview per every e-mail response. It is a night and day difference…After I received the resume the response went from 1 in 10 [originally] to 9 in 10 [with new resume] I have accepted a position with a large insurance company less than 4 wks after I received the resume.

Above I just told you that in order to work with me, you should be prepared to make an appropriate investment in your career. I agree with you--THAT would be a major investment. Have you ever actually done the math? So, can I ask you again? How much does it cost YOU to be underemployed? Last Monday I received a call from a low level recruiter that had read my old resume on the Institute of Packaging Engineers job site.

I emailed her my new resume, the one you created, and immediately received a call from her boss… She had a much higher position in mind for me I just can not thank you enough…. Immediately after I received my resume from you I started to get interviews. Sometimes up to 3 different companies a week. After only 4 weeks of interviewing I am delighted to tell you today I have received a job offer for a wonderful job.

The Human Resource Manager said that she literally received hundreds of resumes and mine stood out among all of them. But what if you are currently unemployed? Now, unemployed, every day counts. How much would it be worth to you if I could shorten your job search by just a couple of weeks? By a few days? Your investment to become my VIP client and receive all of the benefits listed above is probably far less than you thought it might be.

But, that is NOT your investment! So choose the payment schedule that best meets your budget! Now let me make the decision even easier, and show you how to The consultation will give me a chance to make certain that my program is a good fit for your needs and it will give you a chance to make sure that you will enjoy working with me. There is no obligation, and even if you choose not to proceed on to the full program you will walk away the beneficiary of my expert advice and recommendations.

I understand that by booking a project, I am retaining your exclusive attention and focus for one week, during which the portfolio will be developed. I understand that if I choose not to proceed with the project or do not prepare informational worksheets as required so that project can not proceed, payment for the fully retained week is still due in full and is non-refundable.

My continuation with this booking indicates my acceptance of these project terms. Book Now - Pay in Full. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover accepted for payment. A new page will open in your browser directing you to our secure server for payment. Book Now - 3 Monthly Pymts. Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Book Now - 6 Monthly Pymts. We promise to get back to you promptly and confidentially.

Dear Manager, Professional, or Executive: Are you confused by all the new job searching technologies, document formats, internet options, strategies, and tactics that have emerged in the last few years? When you are ready to move forward and to rise to the top, and when you are DEEPLY committed to creating a top-notch, powerful first impression…There is really only one choice to make! When I asked these very questions, here are the reasons they came up with: Your work with the writer is rushed to make time for the next client, quality may suffer, and your needs are never fully satisfied.

Working with a large firm can be an experience that is even more trying. These big-budget, high-volume firms often employ a large staff of freelance writers. But turnover is high, the writers very often have questionable credentials and very little experience, and you have no say in who you are paired to work with. Again, your needs are never fully satisfied. But most importantly, someone who is absolutely dedicated to providing you with exclusive, one-on-one service and all the marketing tools you will need to conduct a fast, effective, multi-pronged search to out-compete and WIN in the executive job market.

When our work together is complete, you will have: All of the tools and resources you need to conduct an organized, fast, successful search A feeling of self-assurance in your exceptionally professional personal marketing presentation Confidence in promoting yourself and your value proposition in the executive job market A powerful marketing presentation that will make it easy for you to rise above the competition Well-articulated, polished success stories to enhance your interviews The ability to command higher pay and executive benefits A real understanding of your personal branding and unique value proposition.

So, by now you might be wondering exactly what it is I offer you and more importantly, what it is I can do for you. Of course, the benefits and value of the above are incredible! Book your project today and get started right away! One-on-one, Michelle will go over your current resume and job search concerns, discuss the strategies she would use in writing your resume and other portfolio documents, answer your questions, and give you the chance to benefit from her expertise and recommendations.

There is no obligation and even if you choose not to proceed with the program, you win! Book Your Project Today. You are serious about your current career goals and shortening your job search.

You are an ambitious high achiever who recognizes the importance and the value of a highly professional personal marketing campaign and are willing to make an appropriate investment in developing it. You want a marketing presentation that has been created specifically to highlight your unique strengths and your value proposition - a marketing presentation that will make you stand out and will help you to outshine your competitors. You understand the importance of and want hard-hitting, fact-filled, employer-centered copy that emphasizes the challenges you have faced, the actions you have taken to meet those challenges, and your results from having done so.

You are open to collaborating on the document development process and are willing to invest the time required to gather the information I ask of you and to answer the questions that I may have for you. You are conducting your job search in market in which resumes and letters written in U. English and created in the U. Brand managers plan, develop, and oversee marketing efforts that are designed to help a particular brand, service or product increase in value.

Brand managers must have strong creative, analytical, and organization skills. Highlighting these skills on a resume and with a portfolio of past work is a good idea for jobseekers.

Since a brand manager must also have a good handle on consumer and market insights, mentioning your ability to analyze market data and customer research is a plus. The position requires close work with marketing, advertising, and media departments so highlighting your ability to collaborate will make your resume shine.

Most employers require brand managers to have a degree in business, marketing, or a related degree. Many prefer that brand managers also hold an advanced degree so if you have earned one be sure to mention it on your resume.

Create My Resume Communications Specialist: Resume Example Communications specialists, also known as public relations specialists, establish positive interactions with the public and mass media on behalf of their clients. Clients may include businesses, brands, non-profits, government agencies, or individuals. Communications specialists write and send press releases that contain important updates about their clients to print and broadcast media outlets.

They also organize events during which their clients can interact with the public to increase product awareness and keep them informed of new developments.

The job of a communications specialist incorporates skills from several different fields including marketing, journalism, advertising, and business administration, so past work experience in one or more of theses areas is beneficial to highlight on a resume.

In addition to controlling information output, communications specialists handle incoming requests for information from media outlets, so including experience managing the press is also a great way to boost your resume. Create My Resume Copywriter: Resume Example Copywriters develop original written content for advertisements, magazines, blogs, websites, and other types of media.

Excellent writing skills and a knowledge of proper grammar and punctuation are essential. A knowledge of AP or Chicago style is sometimes required, depending on the publication. A college degree in English, journalism, or communications is generally required for a copywriter position, and relevant work experience should be highlighted in a resume.

Those without work experience can emphasize internships or other writing experience, such as blogging. Putting together an online portfolio will draw attention to your work and experience. Also, mention any writing courses or advanced degrees that relate to the field.

Create My Resume Copyeditor: Resume Example Copyeditors plan, review, and revise original content for advertisements, magazines, blogs, websites, and other types of media. A knowledge of AP or Chicago style is often required. Relevant work experience in the field is a plus, and typically, a college degree in English, journalism, or communications is required.

Often, copyeditors will be given an editing test to demonstrate their skills. Those without work experience can emphasize internships or other editing experience, such as for a college newspaper.

Creating an online portfolio of work will amplify your work and experience. Create My Resume Social media specialist: Resume Example Social media specialists communicate with the public through online social media platforms that allow users to create and share content online.

Communication skills are crucial for social media specialists, so highlight these in your resume. Employers often want to hire social media specialists with experience, so listing your relevant work experience, creating an online portfolio, and being able to demonstrate an understanding of social media strategy will likely make you stand out from other applicants.

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