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English gcse media coursework help

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Find your perfect uni place go. Study help unanswered threads Groups associated with this forum: This is a clever marketing scheme and has been placed there very wisely. Young teenage girls, unintentionally open to influence will read this magazine and believe they know how to be different, when in fact this whole magazine is purposely created to contradict this phrase and subtly tell them what to buy, what to wear and how to act.

Every article in the magazine whether openly or subliminally is attempting to groom young females into being a certain way, buying a certain perfume or a particular brand of clothing and believing that they like it.

This magazine is basically just a list of fashion ideas and advertisements, and they would not be included if the editor even slightly believed that they would be ignored by the mainstream readers. At this stage they are learning more than ever, growing into who they really are and developing personalities of their own, and this magazine will deteriorate any signs of an individual.

I appreciate that this is a very clever sales technique but I do not respect it. There is nothing that can be done to stop it until all the readers realise that they are being groomed into a certain type of human, just as the media feels they should be.

This is another example of an unsuitable article, simply because there is a contrasting article on the same page which entirely contradicts it. This is another subtle advertisement. The adverts inside the magazine vary a great deal, from clothes, to accessories, to perfume, to shoes and jewellery.

There is very little consistence, but nothing advertised tends to be very expensive. The editor is fully aware that teenage years are not the richest times of your life, but yet shopping is still an incredibly popular thing to do. It looks odd simply because it has not a great deal to do with tennis or clothing and generally makes me think that they ran out of decent tennis accessories to advertise. It also makes a point of the fact that every item is below i??

On page 4, which is a fairly important spot in the magazine because as you open it, a reader would tend not to skip immediately but look closely, at this point their attention will still hopefully be undivided, there is an advert spread across the entire page. It is covered in shining diamonds, with a silver face. This is following the huge trend that has approached the UK from the American hip-hop industry.

It is a very popular type of music with all youth at the present so I feel that this is a wise advert to have so close to the beginning. Fake diamonds have become a big trend recently and they are everywhere as decoration on jewellery, clothes and shoes.

The article gives many examples of different accessories and items of clothing to suit the genre of the film whilst staying up to date with the present fashion. The layout is quite attractive, it appears to be quite simple, and not trying to hard which is refreshing for the reader. Letting the items sell themselves is a much better idea than attempting to make them more attractive than they are. To the right hand side of page 39, Lisa Sharpe is pictured; it is zoomed in on her upper half as she smiles.

The picture conveys how happy she is.

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We media available around the clock, and our help media representatives are standing by to answer your questions, evaluate your essay needs, and match you with a writer who can gcse you achieve your coursework helps. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new on here, but please hear me out, and try and help me, because like most students, I'm starting to panic!! I'm in Year 11, a.