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Office Manager Resume Sample


❶While there is nothing wrong with this, office managers are expected to be leaders , not passengers.

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Office Manager Resume Sample
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Find a resume template that suits your taste. Finishing up your resume? Keep things moving by perusing our excellent cover letter library. Industrious Office Manager with 6 years of experience in managing and streamlining office operations. Aiming to apply my proven record of information management, scheduling, and strict adherence to company policies toward the office manager position at your organization.

Office Managers are integral to the daily operations of an office. They oversee everything from scheduling, client relations, and information management to the acquisition of equipment and supplies. They coordinate administrative services to provide an office with everything its employees need. Their work ensures that productivity never suffers. Successful office managers are reliable, organized, great communicators, and able to multitask.

In addition to administrative duties, they must occasionally perform tasks related to accounting or human resources. While their responsibilities vary, their presence is of the utmost importance to the smooth operation of any office. Fortunately, companies have gotten wise to the advantages of having someone around to manage office affairs. Good office managers are a sought-after commodity, and are thus compensated handsomely. In this guide, we provide three tips to help you write a great resume for this position.

If your professional experience is not as ideal as that depicted in our sample, have a look at our life situations template guide for more help crafting a great resume. Office Managers play an important organizational role for any sizable office, so hiring managers will want to be certain that you are the right person for the job.

This means that they will read carefully through your previous experience and accomplishments. They will want to see the extent and range of your duties , as well as your relevant achievements. It will be assumed that you can handle basic administrative tasks like answering phones and entering data.

There is no need list them. Instead, you will want to describe how you managed your office , helped employees achieve goals , and took initiative when appropriate. You can do this by curating your resume to show how valuable you were to your previous employers. One way to achieve this is to use strong action verbs. You want it to seem like you had authority, took the initiative, and led by example.

Strong action verbs convey more meaning and weight. Take a look at these two statements:. The statements are nearly identical. However, the second one gives the impression that the applicant had a plan and followed through with it. The first statement gives very little indication as to whether she had any role in the decision to go paperless. In fact, it seems like she may have simply followed orders and took the steps required of her. While there is nothing wrong with this, office managers are expected to be leaders , not passengers.

Again, they are nearly identical. In fact, in this example the difference in meaning is even more nuanced. The applicant was required to give administrative support, so she did so. In this way, leadership qualities are implied. Using strong action verbs to describe your experience will emphasize your leadership qualities.

You should replace generic verbs with strong ones whenever it is appropriate to do so. You may have to reorder a sentence to fit them in, but it will be worth it. In addition to using strong action verbs, it is important to quantify your tasks and achievements in the professional experience section whenever possible. This will give your experience substance and show the hiring manager that you are goal-oriented and pay attention to details.

Excellent organizational skills utilized in co-ordinating activities for a busy twelve-person sales office. Wide ranging responsibilities include resource allocation, staff training and supervision, implementation of office procedures and processes, customer liaison and support and preparing financial reports. A sound work ethic coupled with strong communication and interpersonal skills ensures maximum efficiency is maintained.

An experienced office manager who successfully managed the daily operations of a demanding office. Efficiently directed office support activities including staff training and supervision, activity and task scheduling, obtaining and allocating resources, management and improvement of internal processes, the implementation of procedures and policies and general office accounting functions.

A results-driven manager who interacts effectively with a diverse group of people. A well qualified office manager with versatile skills including team supervision and development, report and document preparation, accounts and bookkeeping, data management, workflow scheduling and planning, customer service and project co-ordination. Excellent problem-solving skills evident in the design and implementation of improved work processes. An adaptable, self-directed professional who successfully communicates at all levels.

Develop your own resume using the framework of this office manager resume sample.

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View the sample resume for an office manager below, and download the office manager resume template in Word. Jobs for office managers are projected to grow by 10% (or 28, jobs) from through , which is faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Office manager sample: – Check out the office manager resume in functional format on page Although the content is quite good, we’d recommend removing the objective and using a bullet point format for each section.

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Office Managers often supervise employees while also keeping records and overseeing the work that is typically performed in an office. Skills incorporated into an Office Manager's sample resume include providing streamlined operational guidance and administrative support to a creative consultancy of 40 staff, and developing, implementing, and managing security procedures. Jun 06,  · Office manager roles are in demand, but to land the job you’ll need a compelling resume. That’s where our resume examples can really help. Developed with the expectations of hiring managers in mind, these resume examples show proper resume formatting and include sample text you can apply or edit to meet your needs.5/5(2).

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An office manager resume sample in this post will show you all the important sections to be integrated in your resume. Before we actually look into the sample resume, let’s first understand the job responsibilities and skills essential for the job of an office manager. Office manager resume sample to customize for your own job search needs. Your resume should quickly and clearly convince the reader of your competence as a manager. Focus on your skills and strengths as they relate to the specific office manager job opportunity.