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Can you help me with my homework on Government please? Which of the following law ideas might be created under the Elastic Clause a. Rules for approving foreign treaties b.

Minimum gas mileage for vehicles c. New equipment for armed forces d. Checklist before declaring war 2. A young lawyer wishes to work in federal government to improve society. The lawyer is 32 years old, a natural-born U. Which position could voters elect the lawyer to fill? Supreme court justice b. Which of the following would be against the Constitution? Congress declares war on a country, and the president sends troops.

Canada and the United States meet to create a new trade agreement. Connecticut votes select two senators to represent them in Congress d. California begins to coin and print currency for use within the state 4. Which of the following statements is true about the Legislative Branch? It has two sections, the house of representatives and the senate b. Mr Know-it-all knows all the coordinates off by heart up to 40 decimal places.

You throw a coin multiple times. Starting at number zero, you throw a coin. It may be your only chance. The highest possible answer is 50 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1 etc. These points are then linked to form a 4 sided polygon. For a demonstration of this, see the blue and green square for possibilities. Bearing in mind that if the lines cross-over as shown in the blue square , then "polygon" is defined as the sum of the 2 black triangles.

Problem is, it can only walk one metre before it needs a break Yes, I know. Anyway, after the break, it gets all dizzy and thus chooses another random direction from 0 to in an attempt to escape the circle again. As you can well imagine, it could escape the circle after just 2 walks just one break needed. What is the average amount of walks required for the ant to escape the circle?

Now take a look at the example purple square below. And 3 What is the probability that no junctions will be made from the 9 lines? Mr Know-it-all would like to make it clear that this question as well as any others that are presented on this page are actually a piece of cake to him A bit like the earlier coin question, but with the addition of some geometry.

See left for a brown diagram showing the various lucky possibilities that hit the target. That too easy for you? The random direction now extends to degrees. Circle targets are for illustrative purposes. You may replace the green circle with a line of equal width at the same location of course to make the question easier.

Difficulty ratings still apply. What is the likelihood of the ball being caught if all of the following criteria are met: The ball travels at a speed of 10 metres per second. The catchers run at different speeds, with the ones at the back being the slowest. Same as above, except if two or more players manage to reach the ball, they both get confused about who should catch the ball, and thus neither catch it. What is the likelihood of the ball being caught under these circumstances now? Pictured to the right is a diagram of 3 marbles.

The centre of the first one represented by the small orange blob is positioned at the coordinates 0,0,0 x,y,z. The second one green blob is positioned at the coords ,0,0. The third one is trickier because it forms a triangle with the other two. However, a simple bit of trigonometry will tell you that its coords are at: The question though is; if a fourth marble were to rest on top z axis of these 3, what would those exact coords be?

What is the theoretical maximum amount of spheres that can be crammed into the mega-sphere? What is the theoretical maximum amount of ellipsoids that can be crammed into the mega-sphere? I hear that Mr know-it-all will spare you the crammed Augmented Tridiminished Icosahedrons for another time. Mr Know it all has something to say The line is 10 metres long. The semi-circle that stems from this line is its resulting size too. Also positioned 3 metres above the centre of the line is a small circle with a diameter of 1 metre.

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Jun 01,  · Best Answer: You can punch these into a scientific calculator just the way they are written to check your answers. (2 × 10^-5) ( × 10^1) The rule is you multiply the numbers and add the powers. 2 x = 10^-5 x 10^1 = 10^-4 Put them Status: Resolved.

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Nov 07,  · Can you help me with my homework? Real-World Multi-Step Equations Translate each real-world situations into a multi-step equation. Solve the equation, showing allsteps to Status: Resolved.

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Sep 11,  · Can you help me with my homework? I'm stuck on a specific type of problem for my chemistry homework. If you can only answer one that's fine, if the thought process is clear I can use it to figure out the other Resolved. Sep 25,  · Can you help me with my homework? im writing a paper on James Madison. can you tell me what number president he was, when he was born and when he died, what Political Party? What state he was in when he got elected, years in office. three big Achievements as Resolved.

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Nov 21,  · can you write these in an algebraic expression? it will be awesome if you helped there is 15 five greater than an unknown number= an unknown number decrease by four= four more than an unknown number= six less than an unknown number= six less an unknown number= an unknown number increased by ten= twice an unknown number= seven divided by an unknown number= an Status: Resolved. Aug 09,  · Best Answer: you need to be sincere and be yourself. tell your friend you are there for him or her. here are some examples: How to Write a Condolence Letter One of the most meaningful acts of kindness you can do for a mourner is to write a letter of Resolved.