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❶Various legends in history have proved their deep hard work that led them to the height of success in life.

Long essay on “God helps those who help themselves”

Long and Short Essay on God helps those who help themselves in English
Short essay on God helps those who help themselves
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While I agree that enjoyment seems to be the priority during festival times, I do not agree that people have forgotten what these festivals mean.

On the one hand, religious and traditional festivals have certainly become times for celebration. In the UK, Christmas is a good example of a festival period when people are most concerned with shopping, giving and receiving presents, decorating their homes and enjoying traditional meals with their families.

Most people look forward to Christmas as a holiday period, rather than a time to practise religion. Similar behaviour can be seen during non-religious festivals, such as Bonfire Night. However, I disagree with the idea that the underlying meaning of such festivals has been forgotten. In UK primary schools, children learn in detail about the religious reasons for celebrating Christmas, Easter and a variety of festivals in other religions.

In conclusion, although people mainly want to enjoy themselves during festivals, I believe that they are still aware of the reasons for these celebrations. You have made my mind clear about this topic that came to me so difficult beforehand. Thank you for sharing Band 9 exemplary essays on your site. Who can help such a fool? Similarly, God would also only help the doer and not the dullard, not the idler.

Make your own efforts, struggle hard and then only shall you be rewarded. And that of course is, unless God wants you to be rewarded, you cannot be rewarded. Call it destiny if you choose to but that is what it is.

You sow the seed but before it, you have to work hard to till the soil, to plough the fields. And even after sowing the seed you have to give the sprouts due care, water them at intervals, clean the weeds, save the plants from birds and animals all this hard labour alone can provide the crop and fill in your granary. If you think that you have sowed the seed, your job is over now God should help to do the rest that is not going to happen.

Even the food served before you would reach your month only when your hands, your fingers carry them up. God would not come to feed you.


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They think that since they worship God, God will shower all kinds of blessings on them. They remain idle in the hope that God will help them in all eventualities. Such people lose self- confidence, become miserably dependent on fate and ultimately suffer failure and ruin.

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God helps those who help themselves Essay 2 ( words) Having faith in God is completely different from having dependency on God. People should do their part, God will automatically help them.

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God helps those who help themselves Essay 3 ( words) ‘God helps those who help themselves’ is a famous saying which means that God help us only when we help ourselves means we need to perform our work with full commitment in right direction in the field we want to succeed. Essay on God helps those who help themselves It god a common topic which students can get in their class to write those paragraphs or complete essay or just give their view on this topic. Teachers assign their students to write essay to enhance the writing skill and improve the confidence level.

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People believe in God; they believe in His mercy good that they do. But it would be very wrong to think that it is God who has given us birth in this world and it is He who should look after us. Such a thinking and philosophy is self-defeating and thoroughly ill-thought. God has given us birth and has equipped us with a body, a mind and a soul. Themselves helps to write about an those essay transitioned help from childhood to adulthood but feel helps the picture is who to on put helps reader where On was, enabling god of eager those to get a head on themselves help their who applications.