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However, you should not just copy everything there is. The words look stiff and out of place. The data must be preorganized in your head for it to be well-written on paper. These opportunistic feeders also eat bats, snakes, lizards, and birds. Regional diets can vary significantly: They also eat butterflies, moths, and beetles. Pairs often build nests in shelterbelts or other trees located near agricultural fields and pastures where they feed.

Nesting trees include willow, black locust, oak, aspen, cottonwood, and conifers. Nest construction can take up to 2 weeks, with the finished nest reaching 2 feet in diameter and over a foot high. The inner bowl measures up to 8 inches around and 2.

Both partners line the bowl with fresh, leafy twigs, grass, hay, weed stalks, or bark; the lining can include cow dung or wool. Nesting Facts Clutch Size: Off-white, often blotched with dark reddish brown or pale purple. Newly hatched chicks are naked and helpless, and cannot raise their heads. The tiny chicks weigh just under 1. They also hover like White-tailed Kites as they scan hayfields and grasslands for prey, and soar low over prairies and pastures when hunting.

The hawks have adjusted well to agricultural operations that scare up insects, often catching and eating them on the wing. Breeding birds are aggressive around the nest site and chase off intruders, including Red-tailed Hawks, American Kestrels, Turkey Vultures, and Golden Eagles. A migrating bird waits for the air to warm, then soars on the rising air currents with wings and tail spread wide.

At the top of the thermal the hawk folds its primary feathers back, closes its tails and soars south, using gravity to make distance as it searches for another thermal. The species rates a 12 out of 20 on the Conservation Concern Score. Historic declines of this species occurred when farmers shot these and other hawks in the belief that they harmed livestock, but shooting hawks and most other native bird species is now illegal.

More recent declines are due to a loss of prey and nesting sites.

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