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Ultimately, failure to communicate stalls a relationship and reduces commitment between the parties. Men, on the other hand, often withdraw from conversation and avoid discussing the concerns in their relationships.

This culminates into women initiating divorce procedures against them. On the other hand, males tend to withdraw from discussions concerning relationships, and the more reason why women initiate divorce. Open communication is therefore the best way for working through marriage problems and avoiding divorce.

Even though consulting with third parties such as marriage counselors may offer viable solutions, the longer lasting solutions are those that are initiated by the couple after intimate discussions and mutual agreements. Third parties may also not receive support from both couples and hence their solutions may not be viable in every marriage.

Lack of communication between married couples is viewed as extremely dangerous as it creates loopholes for other factors such as infidelity, which may lead to divorce. Infidelity being the number one cause for divorce is perceived differently by the sexes. Whereas women feel that emotional infidelity is wrong, men perceive sexual infidelity as negative. In order to avoid divorce, couples must endeavor to work things out by committing to each other and communicating openly about their concerns in the relationship.

Research shows that most divorcees wished they would have resolved their differences and avoided divorce. Even though infidelity is a major cause for divorce, lack of commitment is the main reason why couples fail to resolve their differences.

Despite the importance of marriage counselling in helping couples resolve their problems, a marriage can only be saved when the couple involved decides to communicate and work through their differences together. Utah Commission on Marriage, New Information Inc, Northrup, Chrisanna et al.

According to statistics from the U. Are you struggling to write your Assignment? Our writing professionals are qualified to handle any type of assignment, from essays, term papers, research papers, projects, course works and case studies among others. Do you need to buy Custom Written Sample Papers?

Look no further; our company offers high quality custom-made papers, written by professionals in different fields at affordable prices. Write my term paper: According to Press , the error was the result of failure on the part of the employees to perform their responsibilities and duties as expected due to lack of motivational strategies that would push them into good performance as well as organization behavior influence.

Despite this fact, employees cannot be blamed as it is likely the problem arose from factors that go beyond their power which includes factors affecting overall behavior within the company. Some of these factors include inadequate job training, inappropriate decisions and actions on the senior managers part, use of inputs that were faulty to carry out various processes, lack of proper rewards and proper motivation strategies implementation which influenced employee behavior.

Consequently, the predicament of the company is due to poor decision making amongst employees, improper motivation techniques and failure by management in upholding good culture with the aim of influencing desired behaviors among employees.

Indeed, this has obliged the company into employing various motivation strategies in the bid to mobilize employees and develop good behavior so employees can make appropriate decisions regarding specific critical processes as well as equipping them with important knowledge in improvement of performance. According to Marksberry , the corporation is the largest in the world dealing with automobile manufacture and it is based in Toyota, Japan.

Kiichiro Toyota in Aichi, Japan was founded in by the organization. Today, the company has close to , employees situated in branches throughout various cities across the globe.

The company takes pride in having produced more than three hundred million cars since it was incepted into the business world. Its products range has seen it through numerous successful profits and ventures over the years with quantity and quality being the company slogan. It operates with numerous nonautomotive companies across the globe a fact that makes it serve as the largest conglomerate throughout the globe.

Liker and Ogden explain that through the years, the company has experienced turbulent times in operations which range from experiencing high losses as a result of natural calamities like tsunami and major earth tremors etc to major financial crises which have led the company into emergency borrowing in the bid to finance operations.

According to Liker and Ogden , recently, the company was hit by financial crisis in aftermath of engineering failure that saw the company experience the hugest loss ever since it was incepted. A meticulous of management procedures and processes of the business were carried out and the company was able to find a loop in employee motivation by varying management, forcing the company to crack down on such strategies as a way of recovering from its worst ever performance in history.

The endeavors of the company to review its processes of motivation as a measure to improving good behaviors and performance will have a positive influence on its effectiveness and avoid such horrible incidents. Beaudan explains the company looks forward to encouraging behaviors that are favorable among employees and persistence in excellent performance through recognition and rewards as significant motivation for employees.

It is a fact the company experienced shock that emanated from rapid growth that was unbelievably immense with varied accrued benefits concealing crucial information regarding its production procedures but realized too late since the products were available and already made throughout the world. Therefore, the strategy will discourage these incidents and make managers aware of faults before it is too late.

The company, according to Beaudan has embarked on training extravaganza as the most important step towards motivating employees and promoting good behavior as well as making sure workers are equipped with relevant knowledge needed to deal with a variety of processes.

Therefore, the training is going to furnish the employees within the organization with knowledge and skills worth handling various arising challenges, motivating them to identify confidently unusual changes as well as act accordingly in order to avoid misfortunes.

According to French , practices of good hiring are important as part of motivational endeavors as they encourage good employee behavior and this is translated to absorption of competent and quality personnel with skills that are relevant and the effectiveness of tackling complex and emerging situations in an organization.

This is significant to any company since poor recruitment strategies demotivate other hardworking workers and their morale for performing great in a consistent manner.

According to Press , the strategy of retention adopted by the company will make it possible to recognize highly skilled and reliable personnel in terms of mastering the legacy of the company as well as upholding critical mission status.

On top of this, the organization also seeks to improve the process of performance management in the bid of appraising the performance of employees as a crucial motivation agenda. Liker and Ogden explicate that this significantly affects the behavior of employees regarding their response to negative information while making it easy for the company to flourish profitably.

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Homework Helpers: Essays and Term Papers [is] an invaluable resource for students from middle school through college." --Christine Fonseca, MS, PPS, school psychologist and author of Emotional Intensity in Gifted StudentsPrice: $

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