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Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful Yahoo


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Consequences for high school students
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Teachers will not always be there Alex you need to be able to think on your own. Make your mistakes and learn from them. Homework is made for artwork at living house. Get a recurring down at an early age and it will pay off educationally in the long-term. Personally, I think spending 8 hours or more at school is enough and you, like every human being, need time to pursue other interests. Not all are like that but there are so many like that and you know it.

It is helpful when it is not overbearing, without homework you will not be able to learn very efficiently how to do these things, but when there is too much it becomes stressful and you will not have the confidence or drive to complete it and finish it and learn the material. Just doing it in class while the teacher shows you how t do it may not teach you how to actually do the work you just understand the process the teacher is showing but you do not know how to get from step to step on your own.

Sometimes it helps, other times.. It can be very time consuming and hard- adding to the stress level. Helps to learn to take your own initiative and structure your own time to get things done on your own. In other words, it helps develop initiative and independence. Believe me, you will need these skills in adulthood. The stuff I learnt pushes out of the other side with the homework. Helpful to pass your classes. Related Questions Is homework harmful or helpful? We can also tell them about our sleeping patterns and how unhealthy living stunts our growth as kids.

We can tell them that because of our lack of sleep, grades are slipping. In conclusion, the last thing we can share is that homework is damaging our grades, sleep, and how we interact with others. This talk with the administration will definitely make them think about the quantity of homework teachers assign to students.

Answer this, is homework helpful or harmful? They are experiencing the demanding atmosphere of school and feeling overwhelmed to be consistently perfect. As students, we can help initiate this great transformation in schools.

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Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. Is it Helpful or Harmful? More by this author Follow Anna Ardizzoni. I like this 0. Critics we all know them! This article has 3 comments. Email me when someone replies. I want an essay "Prometheus a lone hero". Can you help me plz? This article is very well thought out and informational good job! This is helping me right my essay for eniglish as I have chosen the topic of how homework is harmful.

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is homework harmful or helpful yahoo

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Sep 15,  · I think that about the grade is good for homework to start. Get a routine down at an early age and it will pay off educationally in the long run. I think homework is VERY helpful. It will help Status: Resolved.

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Apr 17,  · Best Answer: Helpful. It makes you self reliant. It makes you think for yourself. It gives you a good work ethic. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment all on your own. In life, in your chosen profesion, in your home, self motivation is huge. Teachers Status: Resolved.

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Nov 08,  · “Homework at primary school age can often require some kind of guidance from an adult, so parents HAVE to help,” explains Jo Otto, former teacher, mum-of-two and founder of educational app Maths Rockx, which teaches kids times tables through music. “The trouble is, parents of primary school children are often time poor so this can add extra stress on all involved. is homework harmful or helpful yahoo Is Homework Harmful Or Helpful Yahoo isRelated fornewrip.tkch Spotlight on Homework. Research doesnt have all the answers, but a Apr 17, Best Answer: Helpful.

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When homework is harmful Alfie Kohn, author of The Homework Myth, is an outspoken critic of at-home assignments. “Homework is frequently the source of frustration, exhaustion, family conflicts, a lack of time for kids to pursue other interests and, perhaps most disturbingly, less excitement about learning,” he . So, is homework harmful or helpful? It can be both, depending on the student’s circumstances, and how much homework is assigned to them. It can help them develop skills that would be difficult to nurture in the school setting, and it can give them the time and space to understand concepts that may have passed them by otherwise.