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❶La Crosse, WI Posted: Distribute the 3 on the right side of the equation:

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Simplifying Radical Expressions
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Thu Feb 08, 5: Knowing the distance it falls varies directly with the square of the time of fall, how long does it take an object to fall feet? Round your answer to three decimal places. You measure the height of the ball at time t and obtain the following data: Find the maximum height of the projectile.

If no one gets back to me tonight on this, I understand. Back to top Anonie Veteran Member Joined: Thu Feb 08, 6: Now you get to use the values from the problem: Do this one exactly the same way as number 2. Since this one is launched from ft, you first need to find how far away from the cliff the projectile is when h is ft. At half this distance is the maximum height.

Back to top murph66 Heavyweight Member Joined: Fri Feb 09, 7: Fri Feb 09, 6: Sun Feb 11, 8: Thanks for the reply! Math is probably the only subject I have some difficulty in. Sun Feb 11, Irrelevant because everything has already been done, but calculus is fun: Mon Feb 12, 9: The second one, I think you want the f to be F, and the note that u is substituted in for e and n for x, and put the second parenthesis after the n. The first one, I need to double check what all the Greek letters mean.

Quick Heavyweight Member Joined: La Crosse, WI Posted: Mon Feb 12, Does this have something to do with the takeoff speed of a plane on a moving runway??? I thought it was function u to the n. Back to top Dr. I love this app I use it to check my algebra problems and figure out hard questions. I highly recommend that you download this app it has been so helpful. How can an app so good be free!? This is literally perfection.

I never rate apps, but this one deserves my first. I think this app is just amazing. I need some help with some math and I like the way it had different sources and the sources explained what to do and how so you can better understand. Definitely worth the download.

I like how the whole system works!!! It helps me learn how to go search and get the answers for myself. This app is amazing. It works really well and has helped me improve my grades. First homework app I actually enjoy and find useful. These type of apps usually get deleted after the first try buy since downloading hw genius j never even thought of deleting it.

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