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reportage essays on the new world order
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Moreover, specialists state that the BBC is quite subjective in some questions that is proved by recent researches Wiggings, It becomes particularly obvious when we compare the reports about actions of coalition troops in Iraq and Israeli army, which, actually, deal with similar problems, that make think about a sort of discrimination of Israel from the part of the BBC.

By the way, many experts consider the highlighting of Iraqi war by some British and American mass media as partial and not objective. Nowadays, it is evident that TV and other mass media may be a very convenient mean of propaganda or at least promotion of certain ideas and views. The latter should be avoided by all means if we want to sustain a democratic society. Consequently, reporters or presenters should strive for impartiality if we want to develop as a highly democratic society. That is why, it is necessary to analyze some conceptual ideas about what should be done to provide the audience for effective presentation of information and TV programs, in order to make the communication of reporters and journalists with the audience more effective.

Firstly, it is necessary to lay emphasis on the fact that all programs or reports of different genres must represent as wide range of ideas and opinions as possible. In other words, impartiality must become the basis of any broadcasting company or any other mass media regardless the problems it deals with because, practically always, there are at least two views on one and the same problem or event and all of them must be presented by reporters. That is why it would be better if reporters or presenters did not express their own opinion on current affairs whether international or national.

Then, factual programs may concern any problem and they can choose any subject to explore. Moreover, they may present arguments of one side but only on the condition that it will remain fair and impartial that could be provided by non-discriminating or misleading of opposing views and opinions.

Anyway, any program must tend to the presentation of all views either in this very program or in some link programs what the audience must be informed about. The same may be said about series of programs that must be either accompanied by a follow-up discussion program or it must be well planned and present a wide spectrum of views and opinions through out the series.

As for the news programs, their impartiality is of paramount importance because they inform people and the way they do this will often define the public opinion about different events and affairs in the society and the world. Consequently, any personal views of presenters should be absolutely forbidden, particularly on all controversial moments of public affairs.

They must just present information and fact as they are without any emotional and subjective impacts. Also we should not forget about all other programs and reports for which the demand of impartiality remains sustained. However, it is obvious that such changes cannot ensure the absolute objectivity of the position of journalists. It proves beyond a doubt that as long as the reportage remains a one-sided communication, it will be difficult to achieve a high degree of objectivity of the coverage of the new issues or other issues covered in documentary reportages.

In this respect, the use of modern telecommunication systems allows to change considerably the traditional documentary reportage to the extent that it evolves dramatically from the one-sided coverage of certain material by a reporter to a two-sided communication of the reporter and the audience.

In actuality, modern telecommunication systems allow effective interactive communication of the audience and reporters. This is why live programs grow more and more popular today and gradually they can replace documentary reportage. The advantages of such programs are obvious, especially compared to documentary reportage.

First of all, such interactive programs allow the audience to share their opinion with journalists as well as specialists that may be involved in programs. In such a way, the audience have a possibility to participate in the discussion that represents a radical transformation of the audience from a passive recipient of information and messages sent by reporters into the active participant in the process of communication.

Secondly, the interaction of reporters and the audience and the involvement of the audience in the communication increases consistently the objectivity of the reportage and the coverage of discussed issue at large. Joe Biden has a long history of what format should i write my college essay in stepping in it. This pay for essays online uk article is about the secret society.

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