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You can highlight a few courses relevant to your stated objective if you are a first year student seeking a summer opportunity or have little experience. Licensure and certifications can be inserted here; list state and area of licensure or certification and date.

Include expected licensure as pending or in process. Use either past or present tense, as applicable, and keep your format consistent. Describe each experience in the sequence that works in your favor. You should always include non-paid experience if it is in any way related to the job you are pursuing. Other Experience List positions that are not related to the career that you are pursuing. Special Skills List skills that supplement your experience. Other Section Headings Typically Included Most resumes include professional memberships and honors and awards.

Some resumes also include items such as academic service, volunteer opportunities, or community service. These can appear in different sections of your resume or in a separate section, depending on the purpose of the particular resume.

References References should be listed on a separate page with your name and contact information at the top of the page. Be sure that your reference page is on the same paper as your resume. Chronological format is the preferred and most commonly used. The emphasis is on presenting education, experiences, and additional information in a clear, straightforward, and concise manner.

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Resumes & Cover Letters Resumes and cover letters are crucial to your job search. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job, internship, volunteer experience, graduate school acceptance, or full-time work, you will most likely need to create and maintain strong professional documents in order to apply.

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RESUME SUGGESTIONS Focus on what you can do for the employer! Employers are looking for the best candidate for the job posted. Be consistent. There is a wide variety of formatting tools you can use to highlight elements of your.

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University policies, practices, guidelines, and procedures, which may be updated and approved subsequent to the publication of this document, will in some . University of Pittsburgh Resume / CV Website Creator Even as an outstanding University of Pittsburgh student, the job market can be difficult following graduation.